Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New York City, here I come?

Ah, the world of unknowns.

Entrants in the ING New York City Marathon are chosen by lottery system. Each person who wants to run completes an online form and pays a small fee to enter the lottery (if they are not guaranteed entry by another means such as running for a specific charity, being a member of the New York Road Runners and running all of the required races throughout the year, or qualifying with a fast time in another half or full marathon). Entrants are then drawn randomly from all of the people who have paid their fee.

I’ve entered this lottery to run this November. This is the second year that I’ve entered the lottery. Now I cross my fingers and play the waiting game.

As of today, Ryan and I have a hotel booked for the week of the marathon. I doubt I’ll be chosen to run this year, but one can hope, and one can be prepared in case the wonderful e-mail comes to say that I have the opportunity to run. I can always cancel my hotel if I didn’t make it in.

Wish me luck!

Today’s Run:
Distance: 8 km
Weather: –5C, light snow

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