Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning.....

I walk to work.

This morning, it was raining, so I brought my umbrella.
It wasn't the first time I'd walked to work in the rain... no big deal.
I stepped outside and noticed that my left knee felt odd. Not stiff.. not really sore... but almost felt like it was going to get "stuck."
I figured it would work itself out quickly and if it still felt strange when I got to the bus stop, I would take the bus today.

I walked along in the rain, umbrella blowing in the wind, flipping up occasionally as umbrellas like to do.

I got to the bus stop and my knee didn't feel too bad, so I continued to walk.
I walked a few blocks and my umbrella whacked me in the face, scratching my ear.
This happened a couple more times on my way to work (minus the scratching of the ear).

As I continued the walk, my jeans were feeling heavier and heavier, sticking to my legs a little more with each step. They won't get too wet, I thought... but that was before I met up with some oncoming traffic and puddles.

Allofasudden everything was in slow motion. A car was coming, the puddle was big. I moved my umbrella pointing it toward the puddle in an attempt to block the tsunami of water from hitting me. I may have stopped it from getting my hands wet. Maybe.

I arrived at work after coming into another wave situation, not as bad as the first. I entered the building, climbed the stairs and made it to my desk looking like a drowned rat. My hair all scraggly, my jeans wet and now what appears to be skin-tight, my shoes and socks drenched.

Now who's laughing at me for having 3 pairs of shoes under my desk and a spare pair of socks in my bag?