Friday, February 24, 2006

Yesterday. Yay. I love birthdays.

Yesterday was my birthday. This is quite possibly my best birthday ever! I went to work for my last day in my job. There was cake involved. Cake that said "Congratulations Vicki" and also "Happy Birthday." Mmmm.. carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

After work, I went home where Ryan showed up with some tulips for me. I love happy flowers. He made me dinner and gave an Atari game (Frostbite) and a new digital camera for my birthday!

We then went to see Gowan perform at the Centre in the Square. It was a good show and we got to go backstage after to meet him. Good times. Good times indeed.

Went out to the Spur after the show and Nick brought me the shirt that he made me for my birthday (the one at the top of this post). yay! Today I'm off work and tonight it's off to Starlight for my 1979 Birthday Disco Party! I'm pumped. Gold sequin dress here I come!

Friday, February 10, 2006

2 weeks until my birthday celebration and I have something else to celebrate

I got a new job!

Yep. My last day in my current job just so happens to be the day after my birthday, which also so happens to be the night I'm celebrating my birthday in disco style!

So come out and celebrate two things with me!

I start my new position (same company) on February 27. Yay.