Thursday, April 20, 2006

My morning rage

Some people get road rage on their way to work in the morning.
Not me. Unless you consider side-walk walkers that are too slow walking in front of me (I don't drive to work)
I suffer from a different problem and this morning I discovered that it is....
Coffee Rage.

On my walk to work every morning I stop at the Tim Horton's closest to my work. I walk in, get my coffee, and then continue the rest of my walk.

This morning, I noticed a small line-up inside my coffee shop. No worries.. it's not too long, but it's going in a funny direction.
I stand close to the people at the end of the line, sort of crushed up beside a trash can.

A man walks from the tables and stands behind the people who were there right before me. I kind of gave him a look to say 'look buddy.. I was here first' and continued to wait patiently.

The two people at the counter were ordering MANY coffees each for their fellow work-mates. This is never fun to be behind. As one of them left, the line moved slightly. I move to get in my proper place in line, but the man also moves slightly as well.

The next person is done and he moves into a spot sort of beside me! I'm looking.. not ready to say anything because he COULD still be waiting to go after me.. he hadn't moved in FRONT of me yet.

But what happens next? A spot opens and he quickly walks to the counter. The rage begins to boil.... I didn't actually say anything, but I certainly did swear at him under my breath. I think he may have heard it because he sort of turned around.

So I get my coffee and go outside to continue my walk to work. I see the man. I swear under my breath again as I pass him on the sidewalk. But I have my coffee now and everything should be okay, right? Well no... my coffee had what I am now calling DLS (drippy lid syndrome) and coffee was dripping on my hand and on my bag. This just makes me all the more rageful. And you can never seem to cure DLS while you're still walking... no.. it continues until you actually start to DRINK the coffee, which I never do until I get to my desk.

Now I'm at work. I've had my coffee and my yogurt and strawberries. Things are better. No rage for the moment.
You're just not supposed to mess with my coffee experience/ritual. At least not before I've had ANY coffee.
That's just evil.