Saturday, March 15, 2008

World's Worst Blogger

I think I just might be a good candidate for that title.

I just decided to check when my last post actualy was.... August 7, 2007... wow.. that was a long long time ago. So I figured I should post today.

It's a Saturday night.. we thought maybe we'd go out to an establishment this evening, but so far, we are playing Rock Band in the living room. Not that I'm complaining. I like Rock Band. It's fun. I'm perfectly content being here with my beverage, my microphone, and my plastic guitar.

In other news of me.. the wedding is in just over 3 months. We went to go check out our wedding rings today as they came in a bit ago. Turns out Ryan's finger is apparently smaller than it was when he ordered his ring a whopping month or so ago. so... we're going to hold off on picking up the rings so that he can check if it fits closer to the wedding or if we need to have it resized. Mines all good, though :) My dress came in at the beginning of the week, too. That made me happy. The girls' dresses are in as well. It's all coming together.

Stag & Doe is coming up soon (April 26). That's something we're definitely looking forward to. A fun night partying with everyone. YAY!