Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A week and a half to go

I’m getting excited for Vegas! I’m now at the point where I check the weather daily to see what race day is supposed to be like. A couple of days ago it said that the expected high was 16 C, but now it says a high of 9 C with a low of 2 C. I know that it’s likely to change again, seeing as there’s still a week and a half to go.

This week, I’ve kind of stopped following my training schedule and have started just going out for runs of whatever distance and pace I feel like running. I’ll do my speed workout tomorrow as per schedule and my weekend long run as per schedule as well, but my regular “easy runs” are being mixed up a bit. It’s kind of fun.

Monday morning I ran 10 km, this morning I ran 5.5 km. I may run again tonight… who knows?

Today’s Run:
Distance: 5.5 km
Weather: –2 C (felt like –6 C), wind 11 km/h

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