Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Getting Excited!

It’s just about camping season and we’re almost ready for our excursion into Algonquin Park.

Ryan and I are going to be going on a camping trip in the near future and will be enjoying both some camping and canoe camping. We’ll be doing a 4-day 3-night canoe trip in addition to a long weekend of camping with my family at one of the Hwy 60 Corridor campgrounds.

In preparation for this trip we needed to purchase some new gear seeing as we haven’t really done any canoe/backpacking camping at all since we’ve known each other.

Seeing as I’m a girl, finding a comfortable pack can be a bit of a trying task. First stop was MEC, where I tried on a couple of different women’s packs, one of which I thought I liked, but they didn’t have it in the right size, so couldn’t tell for sure. Made a mental note of the name and size of pack. Second stop was Adventure Guide, where I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of women-specific packs, but trying them all one, none were very comfortable for me. I tried on some regular men’s packs as well, but with no luck.

When in Ottawa on our May vacation, we went to Bushtakah, Trail Head, and back to MEC (different location than the first MEC, but the same store, of course). This MEC store had the Deva pack in size small. Success! With weight in it, it was still quite comfortable. I found the pack for me!

The gear gathering continues as this weekend, we will make another trip to the store for various small items and possibly a new stove.

Yay for camping!
And double Yay for most of these expenses being more or less a one time thing. Next year camping will be MUCH cheaper.