Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worth the wait

I played the “watch the weather” game today. The forecast called for some showers and a bit of snow, but also some sunny, partly cloudy parts of the day. I checked out the hourly forecast last night to see approximately when I might want to head out for my long run today and decided mid afternoon seemed like the time. 2pm was showing no more chances of rain.

When 2pm rolled around, I looked out the window and it was still very cloudy. I checked the Weather Network and saw that the temperature was only 3 above. I decided to wait.

Around 5 o’clock the clouds broke up and the sun came out. This was what I was waiting for. I put my Garmin in the window to find satellites, I filled up my Fuel Belt water bottles, got dressed in some running clothes, grabbed my iPod and headed out the door.

The weather stayed very nice for the whole run and I was still back before dark. Definitely worth the wait.

Today’s Run:
Distance: 18 km
Weather: 7 C, sunny, virtually no wind

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