Wednesday, March 03, 2010

With kid gloves

Well, not really kid gloves, but I was wearing gloves since it’s winter and all. I was also running with an iPod, which is also a usual occurrence for me.

Gloves okay, iPod okay, trying to operate the iPod with the gloves on – difficult.

I usually end up taking off a glove to go though the menu to start my Nike Plus at the beginning of my run or to stop it at the end. Today I decided to use my nose. Yes, that’s right, my nose. I push “menu” with my gloved finger, but to scroll down the the menu items, I used the tip of my nose. You see, when I use my finger with gloves on, my Nano doesn’t notice that something is attempting to tell it to change either volume or menu selections. The flesh of my nose is recognizable, so this works. I make look like a bit of a tool putting my iPod up to my nose, but if it gets the job done without having to remove a glove…

Today’s Run:
Distance: 5 km
Weather: –2 C

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