Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mild Late Winter Days

It was another wonderfully sunny day today. Since I was planning on doing a nice 10 mile run today and it has been above zero for a number of days in a row now, I decided to take to a local paved trail that goes through town. I ran through one park on my way to the trail and saw lots and lots of people out and about, walking, inline skating, and playing with their kids in the playground.

Once I set foot on the trail, I saw many more people. Dozens of people out for walks, riding bikes, and other fellow runners. My plan was to stay on the trail until I arrived at another park about 5 km up. I came across one section that indicated it was “closed” but I saw others coming out of this closed section, so I decided to continue. 50m or so down this section of trail it started to be less user friendly. It was snow, slush, and water covered.

I made my way to the second park, where I saw many more people once again running, cycling, skating, and playing. I encountered some more snow and slush, and also mud. There were a few muddy sections in my run today, but nothing too crazy.

For my route home, I decided to stick to the streets: the nice dry streets. The streets also contained many people out for the nice, sunny afternoon.

I love these extra mild late winter days. There’s still no guarantee that we’re out of the woods for snowfalls as it’s only March, but these mild, sunny days really bring a lot of people out to enjoy the outdoors. It’s always nice to see.

Today’s Run:
Distance: 16.5 km
Weather: +6 C, wind W 19 km/h

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