Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Shoes

Tonight after work, I went to the Nike Store to buy a new pair of shoes. Really, I just got a new pair of the shoes I already had: Nike Structure Triax 12.

I was hoping to find a good deal, but instead it was pretty much regular price. I’m sure they were a bit less than if I purchased them in a regular running or sport store, but they weren’t clearance and there wasn’t any “buy one get one half” type sale. Oh well. I needed new shoes, so I got new shoes.

Tonight’s Run (in the new shoes):
Distance: 5.5 km
Weather: 23 C, very humid, felt like 32 C

1 comment:

  1. Because of my nerve problem in my feet, I always buy the softest shoes possible. I've given up Nike for Saucony now. When I go to Florida, I always buy two pairs. Partly because they're always on sale (BOGO), and partly because they usually only last 6-8 months. They're ugly, but they get the job done. It would be nice to be able to buy nice shoes again.