Monday, April 18, 2011

Will I be ready?

I’ll be running Mississauga Marathon on May 15th, so it’s now less than a month until my first full marathon.

I missed some workouts including shortening up some long runs due to the cold I had. I’m now over that, but I’ve just done my first run longer than 30 km in weeks. I did run 65 km last week, but the longest day was just a 20 km day. This coming weekend, I’ll do a 36 or 38 km run.

I’ve run several half marathons and now I’ve done one 30 km race, but nothing longer than that. I’m looking forward to running my first marathon next month, but there are also the doubts. I’m mostly confident, but hey.. it’s something I’ve never done before! I hope it goes well.

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