Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I’m going to run NYC marathon… in 2012

Today was the non-guaranteed entry lottery drawing for the 2011 marathon. They had a live draw of the 40,000 runners who were chosen from the 140,000 runners who entered the lottery. From what I can tell, I was not chosen.

I’ve been entering the lottery for this race since 2009, so this was my third year. Not being chosen 3 years in a row, guarantees your entry for the following year, so.. I’m in! Next year.

Runs since my last post:
April 20 - 5km
April 21 – 9 km
April 23 – 36.25 km (my final long long run before the marathon)
April 26 – 5.5 km
April 27 – 2 km on treadmill, then I smartened up and went outside
April 27 – 8.25 km

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