Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kicking the Cold

In my last post, I mentioned that I ran Around the Bay with a cold that had started a few days before the race. Well, it didn’t end there. I spent a fun week with lots of Kleenex and night time cold relief drugs. Due to this lovely, I missed 3 of my training runs. I had to skip my Quality Workout with the store on Thursday and well.. it was frustrating.

I started to feel better, energy-wise, on Thursday night so I started easing back into the running this weekend. On Friday evening I ran 5 km, Saturday I ran 10 km, and today, 15 km.

I still have a bit of stuffiness, but overall, I feel a lot better. I hope this cold is completely gone by Tuesday so that I can get back into my regular training routine.


  1. I totally get your frustration. Someone reminded me to look at it as an enforced break the other day. I had literally run just 12 km in over ten days. When I look back on previous years I have often gone through a similar seeming setback and when I look at subsequent results later that season/year I see that it hasn't hurt me a bit - and potentially the rest (such as it is) helped my body refresh and get stronger. Tough to feel that though when were going through it and having to ramp up again! You'll be on top of the world again soon. Hang in there, Vicki!