Sunday, April 04, 2010

River Run

Since I was in Eastern Ontario for Easter weekend, I thought I should take advantage of some the close proximity to the St Lawrence River.

I knew that there were some paths and trails along the river, so last night I looked up some maps online and found the Waterfront Trail. I wanted to run approximately 20 km today and wanted to make it as interesting/pretty as I could, so I decided to start at Long Sault and work my way to Upper Canada Village.

It was a great run. I started a bit later in the day than I had planned, but I still finished just before it got dark.

I had my phone with me and took a few photos (not great quality of course as it was just my phone, but still something to look at). I'll post some photos and a bit more detail about the run tomorrow.

Today's Run:
Distance: 20.5 km
Weather: 18 C at the start of the run, 14 C at the end; wind 13 km/h

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