Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not From Work... but I needed to share my joy

I will soon not be filled with as many woes from my lack of Quality Canadian Television night.

For the past year or so, I have been working part time in addition to my full time job (I'm sure everyone figured this out from my previous posts). My part time shifts are generally Monday night, Thursday night, every other Sunday. This was originally my scheduling around both the overtime that was available at my full time job and the fact that my Quality Canadian Television night was Tuesday night.

Last winter, both Corner Gas and Degrassi: The Next Generation were moved to Monday night. I was very disappointed by this and have since missed out on most of last season and the beginnings of this season of the two shows.

Now this brings me to my original point: fewer woes. I have just returned from the mall where I have purchased some DVDs. One set has been purchased a week late and the other just on time as it was released today. I am now the proud owner of Corner Gas Season 2 and Degrassi Junior High Season 3! YAY!

Ryan was actually watching my Degrassi Season 1 DVDs the other day. I was so proud. :) I knew my love of Degrassi would start to rub off on him at some point.

And just for Marty I thought I would include some pictures. I didn't take them or anything and my camera batteries are currently dead, but they are pictures, nonetheless.


  1. I've been lacking TV content for almost 2 years when we decided to cut our cable for some reason or another.

    I don't even KNOW Corner Gas.. nice post though I mean, Degrassi will live forever.. Degrassi Class of 2079 will probably be just as good with Joey's great great great grandson...(ok enough)

  2. I friggin' LOVE Corner Gas!!!!!
    And Degrassi of course... Hey - did Paige get in trouble for smoking up? lol. I missed that episode!

  3. Yes indeed, those are pictures! Very nicely staggered as well. *two thumbs up*

    Thanks for thinking of me.

    So, you gonna join the Degrassi mailing list, just like Suz joined the Macgyver mailing list? :)

  4. N - no.. didn't see the episode. I was at work and I forgot to buy a blank tape so that I could use that handy VCR thing and watch it when I got hom.

    Marty - I hadn't thought about joining a mailing list. Hmm... maybe I should. :)
    Thanks for the thumbs up, by the way!