Friday, October 07, 2005

Fairly Random Today

This week seemed so long. Each day seemed to drag on longer than the last. It made me very tired and somewhat cranky. Today I'm at home. This is much better than sitting in my cubicle at work. I decided yesterday morning right when I got to work that I was going to take today off. Got to my floor, went to my cubicle to turn on my computer, and turned around to go to the vacation schedule. I booked myself off for today.

Tomorrow I head to my parents' house for Thanksgiving weekend. It will be quite the full house and Ryan's coming with me. Alison, Greg, and their kids will be there, Andrea and her kids will be there, and of course my parents and Allie (the dog) will be there.

It's not only Thanksgiving this weekend, but also one of my nephew's birthdays and my dad's birthday. Mitchell's 4th birthday is tomorrow (Saturday) and Dad's birthday is on Thursday. My mom's birthday is coming up later this month so we get to celebrate 4 occasions this weekend!

And now I will get back to my exciting morning. My coffee is ready and Degrassi is waiting. I'm entitled to some relaxation before I tackle some housework this afternoon.

Have a great long weekend, everyone! And who knows... there's always an offchance I'll update from the folks' place. But that may be on my Xanga.

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  1. We're staying home this weekend, although we were invited to somebody's wedding reception. Suz says Thanksgiving is absolutely the worst weekend to travel. She says it's typically a 10 hour drive each way. Good luck!

    Drive safe.