Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Snowy Run of the Season

After running in a Santa Suit in above seasonal temperatures just a few days ago, today I was running in the snow.

I headed out to the Grand River Trail this morning to do an out and back between Freeport and Blair. My actual plan was just to run along the trail for about and hour, then turn around and head back. My turn around point was slightly under an hour just because I would have had to cross a major road and get over to another section of trail to keep going. At my turn around point, I was over 58 minutes, so I figured that was close enough. :)

It was a very enjoyable run this morning. The snow fell gently the entire time, the wind was relatively calm, my legs felt good, and I even saw a fox a little over 5K into the run. I wasn’t quick enough to photograph the fox (wasn’t expecting him), but I saw him trotting along towards me and then quickly turning around and running away. I did happen to take a photo of his tracks, which show his turn around point.

The bridges over the Grand River and over Hwy 401 were quite slippery this morning, but the trail itself was in quite good shape. There were only a couple spots where it was a bit icy and some small slush puddles.

Overall, I had a great time on my run this morning. I took it pretty easy and it was quite pleasant.

I took some photos to share with you. Enjoy.

SnowyGrand (1 of 16)
Time to start my run at Schneider Park at Freeport

SnowyGrand (2 of 16)
From the starting point, I had to run over this bridge and then under it, to get to the main trail.

SnowyGrand (3 of 16)
Once on the trail, there are nice sections right beside the Grand River

SnowyGrand (4 of 16)
As well as tree lined portions, just away from the river.

SnowyGrand (5 of 16)
Here’s where the fox quickly turned and ran away.

SnowyGrand (6 of 16)
Bridge over the Grand – it was a little icy

SnowyGrand (7 of 16)
I couldn’t see the river from here, but this was my favourite section.

SnowyGrand (8 of 16)
Just under 60 minutes, but looked like a good place to turn around…

SnowyGrand (9 of 16)
And take a wee Sharkies break :)

SnowyGrand (10 of 16)
Headed back down the way I came

SnowyGrand (11 of 16)
Which takes you past the Pioneer Tower…

SnowyGrand (12 of 16)
And this interesting tree…

SnowyGrand (13 of 16)
past the small dam…

SnowyGrand (14 of 16)
and back toward the first bridge.

SnowyGrand (15 of 16)
After under, over, and under the bridge…

SnowyGrand (16 of 16)
I was back at my starting point and finished my run.

Total distance: 19.43 km
Time: 1:56
Weather: –3 C, snow, wind 17 km/h SW


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