Friday, September 10, 2010

Another week in Running

This time I have an excuse for not posting. Ryan and I were up on Oxtongue Lake from Friday to Tuesday, so there was no posting of any kind while there.

While we were up there, I did some trail running on some very hilly and wet trails, we did some kayaking a couple of days, and also did some hiking in Algonquin Park. It was cold and rainy, but was still a good time away from KW.

Last night I ran the inaugural Mudpuppy Twilight Trail Run, which is an 8km race finishing at Moose Winooski’s at Sportsworld Crossing. There were some glitches that they are planning to change for next year, but it was still enjoyable. There were really just 2 things that were frustrating. 1st, the gates for the trail were not opened up, so there were several bottleneck situations in the first km. 2nd, about 500m from the finish, there was a stop light that we actually had to stop and wait for. This made it so that even if you were ahead of someone for the entire race, they could catch up to you at this light (waited for a few minutes to cross) and basically had a sprint to the finish in groups of people. For me, this meant that a girl in my age group stopped at the light after me, got in front of me while crossing the street and then I had to attempt to pass her over the next few hundred meters. I ended up finishing in the exact same time as her. I tried so hard to pass, but it just didn’t quite happen.

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