Sunday, May 02, 2010

Kitchener Downtown Mudpuppy Chase

This morning I ran the 10K race that runs through downtown Kitchener. The rain held off and it was actually quite warm. I wore shorts and a tank top for the first time in a race so far this year. I actually wore my vest as well, but wished I hadn’t. My iPod was in the pocket, though, and I didn’t have an arm band or anything so I kept it on.

I was hoping to run a 50 minute (or less) race, but that didn’t happen. I started out well, but just couldn’t keep it going in the 2nd loop of the course. I did the 1st loop in 24 minutes, but I really slowed down the 2nd loop. For some reason my legs just didn’t want to go. I think I need to do more hills and speed work.

I ended up finishing in 52:30, which did put me 3rd in my age/gender group.


  1. 3rd in your age/gender group is awesome! congrats. with some speed'll be placing first.