Saturday, April 04, 2009

I’m a Busy, Busy Girl

I’ve recently realized just how busy I’ve become. My life has become a very scheduled calendar full of studying, working, running, exercise classes, photography, and a few minutes to sit, try to relax, and actually spend time with my husband and my cat.

Studying: I am writing an exam on April 21st. That is only 2 weeks and 3 days from today. It is a work-related course and is not the lightest read. I’m getting up early Monday – Thursday mornings to study before I get ready for work.

Running: I am currently training for the Ottawa Half Marathon on May 24th. This is my second half and I’m looking forward to it. I run with Runner’s Choice 2 days a week as part of their Marathon/Half Marathon training program. I also have my own training schedule that I made through Runner's World's Smart Coach, which keeps me busy with running 4 or 5 times a week.

Exercise Classes: I’ve recently discovered the BodyFlow class at GoodLife. I never thought I’d enjoy a Yoga/Pilates class, but I love it! I started doing it so that I could get some good stretching to prevent running injuries (I’ve been out of the game a couple times due to knee/hip issues). I try to get to this class 3 times a week.

So, that’s my busyness in a nutshell. And a pretty boring little blog post to boot.

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