Friday, March 13, 2009

sprucing up the ol' homestead

This weekend Ryan and I are going to make the computer room/bar look nicer. We already purchased a nice bar-height table and stools that will be going in there and Ryan got a new laptop, so we will no longer have a need for an actual desk to house a desktop computer. The new table will be our workspace for our laptops and also entertainment/eating/drinking space for other times. We will be changing the colour of the walls in there since they are currently some peachy pinkish colour that they've been since I moved in here in late 2005. Other room colours changed at that time, but I didn't know what to do with the little room.

In preparation for the update, Ryan got to work taking the ugly chair rail off and pealing what we thought was wallpaper off the bottom half of the walls. Turns out it was burlap and apparently this was the in thing to put on walls back in the day. So now the burlap and chair rail is gone and we have normal-ish walls to work with.

Tomorrow I am on paint and fabric duty. I must go to the store and find some good paint for the walls and I still don't know what colour to use in there. We need something neutral because we'll be doing a lot of photo editing in that room. Our furniture is dark brown, so I will probably go for a taupe or a grey. We'll see what jumps out at me when I get to the store. The fabric is for curtains, which I will make. Maybe I'll just go to the fabric store first and find some fun fabric, then go to the paint store and find something to go with the fabric.... could be a plan.

I'll have to see if I can find a picture of that room for a "before" shot and then do a nice photo of the improved room after the weekend.

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