Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Updates on the Same

Last Wednesday's Interview
I did not get the job. I got an email just before leaving work tonight stating that although I was more than qualified for the job, they came across someone with a bit more experience and bilingualism to boot. There might be another posting in January and I've been encouraged to apply at that time.

Rival Company Interview
Seemed to go alright. I'm supposed to find out about this one early next week.

Another Math Test
Today I wrote the "Complex Math Test" and was told that if I passed this test, I would have an interview for another job. I passed the test, an interview is booked for next Tuesday.

I'm am now officially in my new place along with piles and boxes and whatnot. Hopefully this weekend it will all be organized. But until then I don't have a whole lot of time. I'm about to tackle a bit of it, though. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on the move! Good luck with your up-coming interviews!

    What was on the complex math test?