Monday, July 29, 2013

Running on my Ottawa mini-vacation

It’s Monday afternoon and I have just returned from my extended weekend in Ottawa.
This isn’t going to be much of a blog post, but I took some photos with my phone while running that I thought I would share on here.

Friday morning – Ran to Mud Lake, then in the trails at Mud Lake, and then back to my sister’s house. Total distance: just under 9.5 miles (just over 15 km)

Mud Lake

Saturday morning – I rode my nephew’s bike to some cross country ski trails in Nepean. The ride was 5.6 miles there, then a 5 mile run, then 6.1 mile ride back (took a couple wrong turns :P)

Ottawa River
20130727_104121 20130727_111316

Sunday morning – I ran from my sister’s house to the local Running Room where I had asked the day before how far their groups would be going. I was told 19km, so I thought this would be okay with a bit of a run before and after.

The group run was similar to what I was planning to run on my own, except they had a loop planned and I had an out and back. My route would have been Ottawa River to Rideau Canal to Dows lake and back, but what we did was ran over to Dows Lake, then along the canal to the river, and followed the river back to Westboro.

The total distance I covered that morning was 16.5 miles (26.5 km) and I also got a 20ish minute swim in. I love swimming after running. In this case it was a swim between runs… it was a bit difficult to get going again after being in the water, but I managed to get back to my sister’s house. :)

Westboro Beach (where I swam) – It was actually sunnyish when I was in the water, but then clouded over soon after.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos.


  1. If you'll pardon the pun, do you ever run out of places to run?

  2. Run out? No. Get bored with? Sometimes. I try to keep it interesting and find new places, but I still end up running in a lot of the same places just because it's easy.

  3. I sort of figured that. I think it's why people need vacations too.