Friday, March 31, 2006

Allie: 1992 - 2006

Allie - Summer 2005

Allie, the best puppy dog ever, left this world yesterday. She was much more than a pet... she was a member of the family. I don't really know what to say besides: she was fantastic and I miss her.

~10 years ago:

Summer 2005

Christmas 2005

Allie, you will never be forgotten.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. A few years ago I ran across section of a website that was... Well I'll leave the link in case you want to check it out. Good night.


  2. Vick

    I'm sorry. Allie was the best frisbie dog around and I loved her too. Nobody thought Banuk's (sp?) successor would be as great, and she was...every bit.


  3. I'll bet she misses you as much as you miss her.

  4. Aww - I'm sorry dude! I'm sending you long-distance hugs!

  5. VicZan:

    I know your pain with the loss of your dear Allie. I am still not over the loss of my dear Jack, an English Setter. I buried him March 16 this year.
    Know that you are not alone in the pain of your loss

  6. I miss her too. And I didn't even know her. Except that one time she barked at me.

  7. The funny thing about that, Marty... is that I actually have a picture of you and Allie. You were playing with her in my parents' back yard a few years ago.

  8. Hi Vick,
    I'm sorry to hear about Allie too - it was a huge shock! Sometimes it just feels like they'll be around forever and you never think that someday they'll leave us.

    Vick, I emailed you at work, but I don't think you got the message. Has your email address changed? Email me your new address to!

  9. I'd like to see that picture!